Jumaat, 21 November 2014

Celoteh Captain Shafari - Si Dia 2 Part 2

My jogging today was cut short due to the heavy downpour. Target was to run 7 rounds Oasis Square but God has a better plan. Got to stop after 3 laps. 

Hey.. I am back into serious running. Last week I ran 7 km and by 1 Jan, my aim is to run 10 km within 70 minutes. So you guys who have been running...better look over your shoulder... I could be just a step behind you. 

Terengganu is getting the brunt of the monsoon. Floods were every where. But then... in the East Coast, they take floods as a fiesta.. but not in Klang Valley where it is considered as a disaster.
Captain Shafari.
This DLCW case is no more a hot topic...sudah berkurangan. However I got something that I should share with you all. It was during the Malaysian Gold Open last year where DLCW was facing Tommy Sugiarto in the finals MS. Before the match, I overheard someone right behind me telling that it would be 16 16. “Aiyah ini game Tommy kena 16 16 lah”. It was true that in the 1 set, DLCW won 21-16. OMG! I was sitting with a few Famemas members in KLBA.. and very near to Wong Mew Choo. She seemed not to concentrate on the match but was busy talking over the handphone... non stop. 

Well.. I was telling myself, if my spouse were to battle it out in the court, then I would be sitting at the edge of the seat. But not WMChoo. She was very composed and kept on talking over her handphone. DLCW would always glance/ took a look at WMChoo. To me... wow.. DLCW ni jeles orang nya. Then the game ended at 21-17 in DLCW’s favour. And the 17th point that Tommy got was a simple mistake made by DLCW when his net play tersangkut/terkandas. So guys... 21-16 and 21-17. The chinaman who had told 16 16.. could have made some good money. haha.. this is my story only.. ok. Could be coincident.
Mana satu Si Dia 2?
There is something positive when Si Dia 2 tak layan my advances on her. I took running seriously cos I think she didnt like my pot belly...but then mana ada awek muda dan cun pula yang suka kat orang tua macam saya kan? Rambut dah putih... dan drive Saga with company’s logo...where got standard huh... 

Its is Ok... it is alright, come on Captain... fight! fight! fight! 

Oh yeah... fighting a losing game. Tak ada guna nya.... It is not that I am giving up but I took it as a challenge... a positive one. So what if Si Dia 2 tak mahu. I must “reinvent” my self and make myself to be proud of me. hahaha .... tu dia, semangat bergelora tu. 

Actually I do feel lonely at times. and terjumpa Si Dia 2 tu was at a time when I really need someone...and returning back from Incheon after 7 hectic days of shoutings and being with good companions... yeah... she came into me. As I have said...she is like a photocopy of Si Dia 1. And I told myself after Si Dia 1 sudah kahwin... the next Si Dia.. I will not hesitate to “lock herself in my heart’. hahah it sounds macam cerita HIndi,,, but it is true.. I told myself that... and I would not waste anymore time.. must confess cepat cepat so that either one tak terluka. Tapi now.. saya juga yang terluka.. padan muka right. Kalau Si Dia 1 yang baca ni... she’ll say “Served you right Capt”. Oh.. I wished I could hear her voice now. 

Ooh... sudah lewat... got to go to dobhy, ambil pakaian.. and Saturday, my big family (siblings, in laws, nephews and nieces) will be traveling to Mata Air Perlis to attend the wedding of my nephew and Malaysian cycling coach, Harnizam Basri. 

Till next time... adios guys..

Jumaat, 14 November 2014

Sukan SEA Singapura 2015 - Penting


Untuk makluman Kelab Famemas akan menyokong atlit-atlit Malaysia di Sukan Sea Singapura yang akan berlangsung pada Jun 2015. 

Sehubungan dengan itu, bagi ahli yang BERMINAT sila EMAILKAN SALINAN PASPOT anda dan GAMBAR IC yang berlatarkan belakang PUTIH ke famemas @ gmail . com atau s_yusnita78 @ hotmail . com selewat-lewatnya pada 14 NOVEMBER 2014 (JUMAAT) jam 12.00 tengahari.
Logo Sukan SEA Singapura.
Walaupun Sukan SEA Singapura bakal berlangsung pada Jun 2015 tetapi pendaftaran AWAL perlu dilakukan di atas permintaan pihak MAJLIS OLIMPIK MALAYSIA. Ini adalah kerana pihak MOM perlu mendaftarkan "PAS AKREDITASI' bagi kontijen/wakil dari Malaysia. 

Selepas jam 12 tengahari pada 14 November 2014, sebarang pendaftaran TIDAK AKAN DILAYAN

 KERJASAMA anda amatlah dihargai. 

 Sekian, terima kasih. 

Setiausaha Famemas

Selasa, 11 November 2014

Celoteh Captain Shafari - Si Dia 2?

Sudah lama tak berceloteh. Entahlah.... may be out of respect for someone dearest to you kahwin dengan orang lain, may be too that I have lost the jest to write or for what ever reasons ... I just do not know. I think I stopped just after Si Dia nikah

I am back now. Whether lama atau sekejap, only the Mighty God knows better. Yes... some of you had told that they missed my celoteh... but many of you tiada apa apa right? Life goes on..... 

I had a wonderful trip with 14 others for the Asian Games in Seoul and Incheon. I would say, this trip was a little better than the Ho Chih Min trip. This was well organised and at Asian level, we did go to many venues and witnessed/watched many games and sports. Though there were some misunderstandings but at the end, the team spirit won the day. Oh yeah... halal food was never easy... we starved a few number of times. Lunch was tidbits and sandwiches. But I respect the non muslims in our group... they too got to "puasa"...
Captain Shafari.
I would like to recommend that 2 members are not fit to join our group for the next outings.... they just do not posses the team spirit, find faults, be individualistic... and have the impression that "I am more important that the group". hehehehe siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas.. This is only my personal view. 

Then about me. I missed the Guangzhou Asian Games and the trip to Myanmar Sea Games. The last I went was in 2011 for the Jakarta Sea Games. Though in between 2011 and Incheon Asian games I did go abroad on a few occasions with groups of different people but still I liked most is whenever I go with Famemas members. Difficult to explain as we were "tortured" to go from one venue to another, to cheer from one game to another.. and we just do not have the time to relax or go shopping.. but then I was one happy old man during and after the trip. I think many from the 15 has that feelings too.
Famemas at Hockey Stadium Incheon.
The best thing that happened to me was berjumpa dengan Si Dia 2... almost.... I was like head over heels and it happened just to fast... all within 3 days. May be being lonely for too long...

2 malay girls, K pop tourists, joined our group on the 3rd day onwards. They helped us in getting halal food and good jogging place... along the Han River. It was just normal... nothing happened. Then I realised... she is almost like Si Dia, independent, likes traveling, beautiful, understanding, outgoing and with alot of grey matter and a career lady. And I dreamt of her on our last night in Korea. Wow... but I was still able to control my self...
Mana satu Si Dia 2? heeee......he...
The feelings started when we came back home... and the sudden change from a very hectic daily activities to a "nothing much to do"... then all the imagination keep coming in.... and then like a gust of strong wind.. I was swept away... I felt that I was missing her....... Unlike

Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

Famemas Cheer for Malaysian Diving at FINA Diving GP

Pusat Akuatik Nasional, Bukit Jalil, KL.

Famemas Club

Famemas Sportter Club.


Famemas Members.


Kepten & TokMo

Famemas cheer for Malaysian diving.



Malaysian Supporter.


Jumaat, 24 Oktober 2014

FINA Diving GP

How many Famemas members can come to this? World class diving has come to our doorstep for 1st time ever!....... 
FINA Diving GP, National Aquatic Center, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Friday 24-Sunday 26 Oct 2014
Malaysian Diving.
Fri 24Oct 9am 
3m Springboard Men Prelim 
Platform Women Prelim 
3m Springboard Men Semi A&B 
Platform Women Semi A&B 

*Fri 24Oct 4pm 
3m Springboard Men Final 
Platform Women Final 
3m Synchronised Men Final 

Sat 25Oct 9am 
3m Springboard Women Prelim 
Platform Men Prelim 
3m Springboard Women Semi A&B 
Platform Men Semi A&B 

*Sat 25Oct 4pm 
3m Springboard Women Final 
Platform Men Final 
Platform Synchro Women Final
Malaysian Diving.
*Sun 26Oct 10am 
10m Platform Men Prelim 
3m Synchro Women Final 
10m Platform Men Semi A and B 

*Sun 26Oct 4pm 
10m Platform Synchro Women Final 
10m Platform Men Final 

Famemas will target to cheer at those marked with * ie 

Fri 24Oct at 4pm 
Sat 25Oct at 4pm 
Sun 26Oct at 10am and 4pm 

FREE Entry 
8th and final leg of World Diving GP 
World-class divers in action from China, Australia, Canada, US, Colombia, Georgia, HK, Indonesia, Monaco, Puerto Rico.
Malaysian Diving.
China’s world class team:
1) Huo Liang-10m Platform synchro Olympic Gold Medallist
2) Chen Aisen and Zhang Yanquan-10m Platform synchro Gold Medallist, Incheon Asian Games
3) Li Shixin- 2time World Champion,1m springboard
4) He Chao-1m Springboard gold medallist, Incheon Asian Games
5) Wang Han,winner,  Diving World Series 2014 in 3m springboard
6) Liu Huixia-winner, Diving World Series 2014 in 10m platform

Rabu, 15 Oktober 2014

Famemas Cheer for Wira Malaysia at Asian Games Inhceon Korea

Famemas Sports Supporters Club members returned to Malaysia after embarking on a 7 - day 5 - night cheer trip to 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea to provide moral and vocal support to Team Samsung and other Malaysian athletes.

The 15 - strong supporters group had a hectic schedule cheering at sports as diverse as bowling, badminton, diving, hockey, sepak takraw, rhythmic gymnastics and karate. The trip was made possible by Samsung Malaysia Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd as part of their corporate sports marketing effort, and Samsung being a prestige partner of the Asian Games.

 In line with Incheon Asian Games Organising Committee (IAGOC)’s theme for the Games ‘Diversity shines here’, Famemas supporters lit up the Games with their colourful presence, dressed in white Samsung tshirts, specially designed jackets that sync with Malaysian athletes’ colours and armed with Jalur Gemilang flags, banner, thundersticks, tiger mascots and drums.

Its not only the cheers that provided the highlight of the trip but the interaction between Famemas participants, fellow Malaysians and supporters from other nations that gave the Games a friendly outlook. Famemas supporters were packaged as sports and tourism ambassadors for Malaysia, all in one. Tourism Malaysia badges, souvenirs and flags were also handed out to supporters from other nations.

One of the most exciting and memorable moments for Famemas was when we cheered continuously and vociferously during Malaysia vs Pakistan semifinal hockey match at Seonhok Hockey Stadium, where Malaysia lost 5-6 after a thrilling contest that was decided only after penalty flicks.

The other memorable moment was when we sang Negaraku national anthem twice at karate’s Gyeyang Gymnasium where our exponents Lim Chee Wai and Syakilla Saini Jefri delivered golds for Malaysia in their kata and kumite events respectively.

Its not all work and no play for Famemas participants, as they also embarked on a tour of Seoul Tower and historical Cheong Deok Gung Palace during their free time.

Famemas Club would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to Samsung Malaysia Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd for the success of our very worthwhile and patriotic mission for our nation. 

Malaysia Boleh! 
Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara! 

Written by Lee Hui Seng 
Chairman Famemas Sports Supporters Club Malaysia

Khamis, 7 Ogos 2014

Famemas at Asian Games Campaign for Incheon 2014

Wednesday 6 Aug 2014: The sound of kompangs and drums punctuated the silence at Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Emerald Room) in Kuala Lumpur, and merriment of Jalur Gemilang flags provided the Malaysia Boleh spirit for the Media Launch of 17 th Incheon Asian Games 2014 by Samsung.
Famemas Groups.
Press Conference....
Lee Chong Wei Ambassador Team Samsung Malaysia.
Ambassador Team Samsung Malaysia.
Famemas Members
Lee Chong Wei Exited.

Conversations with fans....
Answered Quaestions Contest
Answered Quastions Contest
Themed 'Our Games, Our Pride', Team Samsung was announced to the public and media, with team ambassadors Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Rinong primed to unite and inspire fans all over Asia. 26 athletes from 5 countries will form part of Team Samsung. A Social Castor team comprising of 2 bloggers will follow Team Samsung athletes and Famemas supporters at Asian Games from 19Sept to 4Oct 2014. There will be accreditated media participation, specially setup Samsung Pavilion Samsung Lounge in Incheon.